Stream “Undercover Underage” Online – Viewing Guide

“Undercover Underage” is a gripping reality crime show that exposes the dangers of online child sex abuse. The show follows Roo Powell and her nonprofit team, SOSA (Safe from Online Sex Abuse), as they immerse themselves in dangerous situations, posing as underage girls to engage with child predators and protect vulnerable children. With two seasons currently airing, “Undercover Underage” offers a compelling narrative that sheds light on this critical issue.

To watch “Undercover Underage” online, viewers have a variety of streaming platforms to choose from. Subscribers can access the show on MAX, Philo, fuboTV, and other leading streaming services. Whether you’re interested in gripping crime documentaries or passionate about social justice, “Undercover Underage” provides an eye-opening and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Undercover Underage” is a reality crime show that exposes the world of online child sex abuse.
  • The show features Roo Powell and her nonprofit team, SOSA, as they pose as underage girls to protect vulnerable children.
  • “Undercover Underage” can be streamed on MAX, Philo, fuboTV, and other popular streaming platforms.
  • The show provides a gripping narrative and tackles important social issues surrounding online child sex abuse.
  • Viewers interested in crime and social justice documentaries should not miss “Undercover Underage.”

Where to Watch “Undercover Underage”

If you’re eager to dive into the gripping reality crime show “Undercover Underage,” there are multiple platforms where you can stream it. The thrilling series can be enjoyed on DIRECTV Stream, Discovery+, fuboTV, MAX (Via Prime Video), and Philo. These streaming options provide viewers with convenient access to “Undercover Underage,” ensuring that you can watch the show through your preferred online platform.

In addition to streaming services, you also have the option to purchase or rent “Undercover Underage” on Prime Video, Apple TV, and VUDU. This flexibility allows you to decide how you prefer to watch the show, giving you even more streaming options for this captivating series.

With such a wide range of streaming platforms and purchasing options available, you can easily find the best websites to watch “Undercover Underage.” Whether you prefer to stream it on your favorite service or purchase it for long-term access, the choice is yours.

To give you a visual representation of streaming options for “Undercover Underage,” here is a table highlighting the various platforms where you can watch the show online:

Platform Streaming Option
DIRECTV Stream Streaming
Discovery+ Streaming
fuboTV Streaming
MAX (Via Prime Video) Streaming
Philo Streaming
Prime Video Purchase/Rental
Apple TV Purchase/Rental
VUDU Purchase/Rental

Why to Watch “Undercover Underage”

“Undercover Underage” provides a gripping and eye-opening insight into the world of online child sex abuse, making it a must-watch for those interested in crime and social justice documentaries. The show’s protagonist, Roo Powell, brings a unique and compelling perspective to the table, with her dedication and mission to protect the vulnerable adding intensity and emotional depth to the narrative. Despite its heavy subject matter, the show has been well-received by audiences, earning a respectable IMDb rating of 6.9 out of 10.

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With “Undercover Underage,” viewers have the opportunity to witness the relentless efforts of Roo Powell and her nonprofit team as they work undercover to expose child predators and safeguard innocent children from the perils of online exploitation. The show sheds light on the dark reality of online child sex abuse, creating awareness and advocating for change.

By streaming “Undercover Underage” online, viewers can stay informed, educated, and engaged in the fight against this heinous crime. The show’s emotional impact and thought-provoking content leave a lasting impression, igniting a sense of urgency to protect and support vulnerable children.

“Undercover Underage” confronts an uncomfortable truth, but through its unflinching storytelling, it empowers viewers to confront the issue head-on, motivating them to take action and become part of the solution.

Watching “Undercover Underage” also offers an opportunity to understand the complexities surrounding online child sex abuse and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies and organizations dedicated to combating this crime. The show explores the strategies employed by the team as they navigate this dangerous world, providing valuable insights into the methods used by predators and the measures taken to apprehend them.

Tackling a Disturbing Reality

The creators of “Undercover Underage” have worked diligently to portray the gravity of the issue without sensationalism. The show strikes a delicate balance between showcasing the harsh realities and offering hope for change. Through interviews with survivors, expert analysis, and impactful storytelling, “Undercover Underage” delves deep into this disturbing reality.

Real-life incidents and covert operations are at the heart of the show, making it a compelling watch for those passionate about social justice and committed to protecting vulnerable individuals in our society. By shedding light on the issue, “Undercover Underage” aims to initiate conversations, raise awareness, and drive collective action towards eradicating online child sex abuse.

An Emotional Journey

Central to the show’s narrative is the emotional journey of Roo Powell and her team, as they put themselves at considerable risk to expose predators and protect children. Their dedication, bravery, and perseverance make for a riveting viewing experience, keeping audiences engaged and emotionally invested.

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Positive Reception

Since its release, “Undercover Underage” has garnered significant attention and positive feedback. The show’s IMDb rating of 6.9 out of 10 reflects its impact among viewers, highlighting its ability to captivate and engage audiences despite its challenging subject matter.

Reviews praise the show for its raw portrayal, compelling storytelling, and the importance of its message. Audiences appreciate its dedication to raising awareness about online child sex abuse and the tireless efforts made by Roo Powell and her team. “Undercover Underage” has resonated with viewers by shedding light on a pressing issue while offering a glimmer of hope for change.

“Undercover Underage” Streaming Services

Streaming Service Availability
MAX Stream on MAX or via Prime Video
Philo Stream on Philo
fuboTV Stream on fuboTV

Ratings and Reviews

“Undercover Underage” has received a mixed response from viewers. The show has a 6.9 out of 10 IMDb audience rating, indicating that it has been well-received by some viewers. However, it is important to note that individual opinions may vary, and it is advisable to watch the show and form your own opinion.

Rating Review
8/10 “I found ‘Undercover Underage’ to be a gripping and thought-provoking show that shed light on an important issue. The undercover operations were intense, and the dedication of the team was commendable.”
5/10 “While the show tackles an important subject matter, I felt that it relied too heavily on shock value and lacked proper storytelling. It felt sensationalized at times.”
7/10 “‘Undercover Underage’ offers a sobering look into the world of online child exploitation. It’s not an easy watch, but it’s an eye-opener that raises awareness about the issue.”

Episode Guide

“Undercover Underage” takes viewers on a gripping journey through two seasons, comprising a total of 14 episodes. The second season alone features 8 thrilling episodes that delve deeper into the dark world of child predators. Each episode is meticulously crafted to captivate the audience and shed light on the realities of online child sex abuse.

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Here is a brief overview of some of the standout episodes from “Undercover Underage” Season 2:

Episode Title Description
Triple Threat As Roo Powell and her team assume new identities, they encounter a dangerous trio of predators who test their skills and determination.
Armed and Dangerous The stakes rise as the team infiltrates an underground network of criminals, exposing the dark underbelly of online child exploitation.
Meeting a Monster Roo faces her most harrowing mission yet as she comes face-to-face with a notorious predator who has evaded capture for years.
Web of Deception In this episode, the team unravels a complex web of deceit and manipulation, leading them to a surprising revelation.
Breaking Point Tensions run high as the team confronts their own emotional breaking points while attempting to bring justice to the victims of online child sex abuse.

Cast and Crew

The cast of “Undercover Underage” consists of talented individuals who bring the show to life, both in front of and behind the camera. These individuals play crucial roles in ensuring the success of the series, whether it be through their captivating performances or their contributions to production.

The cast includes:

  • Roo Powell – As the protagonist of “Undercover Underage,” Roo Powell brings a compelling and dedicated portrayal to the show. Her commitment to protecting vulnerable children adds depth and intensity to the narrative.
  • Matt Monath – Another key member of the cast, Matt Monath contributes his skills to create a riveting viewing experience for the audience.
  • Shelby Chikazawa – With her talent and presence, Shelby Chikazawa adds an important dynamic to the show, ensuring viewers stay engaged throughout.
  • Jordan Pérez – Jordan Pérez’s performance adds emotional depth to the series, enhancing the impact of the show’s message.
  • Ron Simon – Ron Simon’s involvement in the show, both as a cast member and an executive producer, is instrumental in the success of “Undercover Underage.”

In addition to the cast, the crew plays a crucial role in bringing “Undercover Underage” to life. The dedicated crew includes:

  • Roo Powell – Alongside her portrayal of the show’s protagonist, Roo Powell also holds the role of executive producer, contributing to the overall vision and direction of the series.
  • Ron Simon – As an executive producer, Ron Simon’s expertise and guidance contribute to the show’s success.

Hulu Has The Hits

Unfortunately, “Undercover Underage” is not currently available to stream on Hulu. Viewers can check out other streaming platforms like MAX, Philo, and fuboTV to watch the show online.

While Hulu offers a vast library of popular TV shows and movies, “Undercover Underage” is not part of their streaming catalog at the moment. However, there are still plenty of options available for viewers who want to watch this gripping reality crime show.

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To ensure access to “Undercover Underage,” viewers can explore streaming platforms such as MAX, Philo, and fuboTV. These platforms provide a seamless streaming experience, allowing users to watch their favorite shows and discover new content.

Although “Undercover Underage” may not be available on Hulu, viewers can still enjoy this captivating show on other platforms that offer a wide range of streaming options. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with the powerful narrative and raise awareness about the dangers of online child sex abuse.


In conclusion, “Undercover Underage” is an important and impactful show that sheds light on the issue of online child sex abuse. Through its compelling narrative and dedication to protecting vulnerable children, the show serves as a must-watch for individuals interested in crime and social justice documentaries.

Viewers have various streaming options when it comes to watching “Undercover Underage” online. MAX, Philo, and fuboTV are some of the platforms that offer the show, providing a convenient and accessible way to explore this important topic. Whether you’re watching for educational purposes or personal interest, the show’s thought-provoking content and engaging storytelling are sure to leave a lasting impact.

For a comprehensive and informative viewing experience, the “Undercover Underage” online viewing guide offers guidance on where to stream the show. By following this guide, viewers can easily find the platform that suits their preferences and embark on a journey to understand the complexities of child exploitation in the digital age.


Where can I watch "Undercover Underage" online?

“Undercover Underage” can be streamed on platforms such as MAX, Philo, fuboTV, DIRECTV Stream, Discovery+, and MAX via Prime Video. You can also purchase or rent episodes on Prime Video, Apple TV, and VUDU.

Why should I watch "Undercover Underage"?

“Undercover Underage” provides a gripping and eye-opening insight into the world of online child sex abuse. It offers a unique perspective from Roo Powell and her nonprofit organization, SOSA, as they aim to protect vulnerable children.

What are the ratings and reviews for "Undercover Underage"?

“Undercover Underage” has an IMDb rating of 6.9 out of 10, indicating mixed reviews from viewers. It’s advisable to watch the show and form your own opinion.

How many episodes are there in "Undercover Underage" season 2?

“Undercover Underage” season 2 consists of 8 episodes, including titles like “Triple Threat,” “Armed and Dangerous,” and “Meeting a Monster.”

Who are the cast and crew of "Undercover Underage"?

The cast of “Undercover Underage” includes Roo Powell, Matt Monath, Shelby Chikazawa, Jordan Pérez, and Ron Simon. The crew includes executive producers Roo Powell and Ron Simon, among others.

Can I stream "Undercover Underage" on Hulu?

Currently, “Undercover Underage” is not available to stream on Hulu. However, you can find the show on other platforms like MAX, Philo, and fuboTV.

Can I watch "Undercover Underage" for free?

To watch “Undercover Underage,” you will need a subscription to one of the streaming platforms where the show is available. There may be free trial options for some of these services, but ultimately, a subscription is required.

Where can I find more information about streaming options for "Undercover Underage"?

For more information on where to stream “Undercover Underage,” you can visit the websites of the streaming platforms mentioned earlier, such as MAX, Philo, and fuboTV.

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