Taken Movie Filming Locations Unveiled

If you’ve ever wondered where some of your favorite movies were filmed, look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating filming locations of the blockbuster hit Taken and discover the real-life settings that brought this thrilling story to life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Central Park in New York holds the record for being the most-filmed location in the world, appearing in 231 films and TV shows.
  • Venice Beach in California offers a unique backdrop with its iconic boardwalk and beachfront, featured in 161 productions.
  • Greenwich Village, known for its charming streets and historic buildings, has provided a picturesque setting for several films.
  • The University of British Columbia in Canada is the most-filmed location outside of the US, appearing in 91 movies.
  • London’s South Bank with its iconic landmarks has become a favorite filming spot in the UK.

Central Park, New York – The Most-Filmed Location

When it comes to iconic filming locations, Central Park in New York City takes the spotlight. Known for its picturesque landscapes and diverse settings, Central Park has served as the backdrop for countless movies and TV shows, making it the most-filmed location in the world. With its lush greenery, tranquil lakes, and iconic landmarks, Central Park provides a versatile canvas for filmmakers to bring their stories to life.

From action-packed blockbusters to romantic comedies, Central Park has witnessed it all. Films such as The Devil’s Advocate, Men in Black II, Spiderman 3, and Superman Returns have all showcased the beauty of this renowned park. With its 843 acres, Central Park offers a myriad of filming possibilities, allowing directors to capture both intimate and grand scenes within its boundaries.

“Central Park is an extraordinary location for filming. Its natural beauty and diverse landscapes provide endless opportunities for storytelling. With each season bringing a unique charm to the park, it never fails to mesmerize both filmmakers and audiences alike.”

With a staggering 231 productions filmed in Central Park, it is no wonder that this iconic landmark has become synonymous with the world of cinema. From the hustle and bustle of Bethesda Terrace to the enchanting pathways of The Mall, Central Park offers a range of settings that cater to every genre and narrative.

Whether it’s a thrilling chase scene through the park’s winding trails or a romantic picnic amidst the blooming cherry blossoms, Central Park continues to captivate both filmmakers and movie enthusiasts. Its scenic beauty and cultural significance have firmly established it as the crown jewel of filming locations, not only in New York but also across the globe.

Venice Beach, California – A Popular Filming Spot

Venice Beach, located in California, is a sought-after filming location for numerous Hollywood productions. Its vibrant atmosphere and stunning beachfront make it an ideal backdrop for various movies. With 161 productions filmed at Venice Beach, it has become a popular spot for filmmakers looking for a unique and visually captivating setting.

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Known for its iconic boardwalk, Venice Beach offers a diverse range of settings for filmmakers to explore. From its bustling promenade lined with street performers and vendors to its picturesque beach and stunning sunsets, Venice Beach provides an authentic California experience that adds depth and character to any film.

“Venice Beach’s vibrant energy and unique charm make it an ideal location for capturing the essence of California in movies. Its iconic boardwalk and scenic beachfront provide filmmakers with endless possibilities for storytelling.”

Over the years, Venice Beach has been featured in a variety of films, showcasing its versatility as a filming location. Examples include “American History X,” a powerful drama that explores themes of redemption and hate; “American Pie,” a popular comedy that follows the lives of a group of high school friends; and “Million Dollar Baby,” an emotional sports drama about a female boxer striving for success.

With its rich cinematic history and picturesque scenery, Venice Beach continues to attract filmmakers from around the world. Its vibrant culture, diverse community, and stunning natural beauty make it an irresistible filming destination in the heart of California.

Greenwich Village, New York – A Charming Filming Destination

Greenwich Village, located in New York City, is a charming and vibrant neighborhood that has served as a filming location for several notable films. With its picturesque streets and historic buildings, Greenwich Village provides a unique and visually captivating backdrop for movie scenes.

Among the films that have featured Greenwich Village as a filming location are “Deep Impact” and “Thirteen Going On Thirty.” These movies showcase the neighborhood’s character and allure, highlighting its distinct charm and architectural beauty.

Greenwich Village’s narrow tree-lined streets, quaint cafes, and brownstone houses create a nostalgic atmosphere that adds depth and authenticity to the storytelling. The neighborhood’s rich history and bohemian vibe have made it a popular choice among filmmakers seeking a picturesque setting that captures the essence of New York’s diverse cultural landscape.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Greenwich Village offers practical advantages for filmmakers. Its central location in Manhattan makes it easily accessible, and it provides a variety of filming locations within a small area. From iconic Washington Square Park to charming residential blocks, the neighborhood offers a range of settings to suit different storytelling needs.

University of British Columbia, Canada – A Popular Location Outside the US

The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada has gained recognition as a favored filming location outside the US. Its stunning campus has been featured in 91 movies, showcasing its versatility as a backdrop for various genres. Notable films shot at UBC include the psychological thriller “The Butterfly Effect” and the romantic drama “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

UBC’s extensive range of architectural styles adds depth and authenticity to on-screen narratives. From modern structures to classical buildings, this picturesque campus offers filmmakers ample opportunities to create captivating scenes. Its lush greenery and vibrant atmosphere further contribute to the visual appeal of the university as a filming location.

With its proximity to the natural beauty of Vancouver and the multicultural diversity of Canada, UBC provides a unique setting for filmmakers seeking a distinct flavor in their productions. The university’s idyllic location offers a seamless blend of lush landscapes and urban elements, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of storytelling.

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Whether it’s for capturing the essence of a campus life, creating a mystical setting, or depicting intellectual exploration, the University of British Columbia offers filmmakers a canvas to bring their visions to life. As a popular location outside the US, UBC continues to attract filmmakers from around the world who appreciate its captivating beauty and cultural richness.

London’s South Bank – A Favorite Filming Spot in the UK

London’s South Bank is renowned for being the go-to destination for filmmakers in the UK. With its diverse range of iconic landmarks and stunning views, it has served as an exceptional backdrop for numerous film productions. Some of the notable movies shot on London’s South Bank include Spectre and The Bourne Ultimatum.

One of the key attractions on the South Bank is the London Eye, a towering ferris wheel that provides panoramic views of the city. Its distinctive structure and central location have made it a popular choice for filmmakers looking to capture the essence of London.

Another prominent landmark on the South Bank is the Tate Modern, a world-renowned contemporary art museum housed in a former power station. The museum’s unique architecture and prime riverside location have attracted filmmakers seeking a visually captivating setting.

“The South Bank offers a captivating mix of historic and modern elements, making it an ideal location for capturing the essence of London on film.” – Film Director

The South Bank also features picturesque bridges, such as the iconic Tower Bridge and the Millennium Bridge, which have been featured in various films for their architectural beauty and scenic views.

Additionally, the bustling atmosphere of the South Bank, with its vibrant street performers, markets, and cultural events, adds an authentic and dynamic touch to any movie set in London.

The image above showcases the stunning backdrop of London’s South Bank, capturing its unique blend of architecture, landmarks, and urban energy. This captivating scenery has made it a favorite filming spot for directors and producers alike.

Other Notable Filming Locations

In addition to Central Park and Greenwich Village, there are several other notable filming locations that have attracted filmmakers in New York, California, and London.

New York

The vibrant city of New York offers a multitude of diverse and visually captivating filming locations. Some of the standout spots include:

  • Astoria: Known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning waterfront views, Astoria has been featured in films like “Goodfellas” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
  • Williamsburg: With its trendy atmosphere and eclectic architecture, Williamsburg has made appearances in movies such as “The Departed” and “Brooklyn”.
  • Harlem: Renowned for its vibrant culture and iconic brownstone buildings, Harlem has been featured in films like “American Gangster” and “Precious”.


The golden state of California boasts a diverse range of filming locations, from bustling cityscapes to breathtaking natural wonders. Here are a few noteworthy spots:

  • UCLA: The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus has served as a backdrop for numerous films, including “Legally Blonde” and “Old School”.
  • Coney Island: With its iconic amusement park and iconic boardwalk, Coney Island has been featured in films such as “The Warriors” and “Annie Hall”.


As a global hub of culture and history, London offers a wealth of picturesque filming locations that have attracted filmmakers from around the world. Here are a few popular choices:

  • Canary Wharf: Known for its modern skyline and iconic skyscrapers, Canary Wharf has been featured in films like “Skyfall” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”.
  • Piccadilly Circus: With its vibrant neon signs and bustling streets, Piccadilly Circus has made appearances in movies such as “V for Vendetta” and “Love Actually”.
  • Trafalgar Square: The historic Trafalgar Square has been a favorite location for films like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and “The Da Vinci Code”.
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These filming locations provide filmmakers with a diverse range of settings and atmospheres, adding depth and authenticity to their productions. From the bustling streets of New York to the stunning landscapes of California and the historic landmarks of London, each location offers its own unique charm and character, enhancing the storytelling experience.


Filming locations are integral to the magic of movies, transporting audiences to different worlds and immersing them in captivating stories. From the bustling streets of New York’s Central Park to the picturesque landscapes of the University of British Columbia in Canada, each location lends its unique charm and character to the films we adore.

These filming locations serve as more than just backgrounds; they become iconic landmarks that evoke powerful emotions and memories for moviegoers. Whether it’s the grandeur of Central Park or the diverse architectural styles of the University of British Columbia, these locations contribute to the overall cinematic experience, making movies even more extraordinary.

Hidden gems and well-known landmarks alike, filming locations add depth and authenticity to the stories portrayed on screen. From Venice Beach in California to the historic streets of Greenwich Village in New York, these places provide the perfect canvas for filmmakers to weave their narratives and captivate audiences worldwide.

So, the next time you watch a movie, take a moment to appreciate the magic behind the scenes. Behind every unforgettable film moment, there’s a filming location that brings it to life. Discover the beauty and allure of these locations and let them transport you into a world of imagination and wonder as you enjoy the magic of the movies.


How many movies and TV shows have been filmed in Central Park?

Central Park has been featured in 231 films and TV shows, making it the most-filmed location in the world.

Which famous movies were filmed in Central Park?

Some famous movies filmed in Central Park include The Devil’s Advocate, Men in Black II, Spiderman 3, and Superman Returns.

How many productions have used Venice Beach as a filming location?

Venice Beach has been used as a filming location for 161 productions.

Can you name some movies that were filmed in Venice Beach?

Some movies filmed in Venice Beach include American History X, American Pie, and Million Dollar Baby.

What films feature Greenwich Village as a filming location?

Greenwich Village has been featured in films like Deep Impact and Thirteen Going On Thirty.

How many movies have been filmed at the University of British Columbia?

The University of British Columbia has been used as a filming location for 91 movies.

Which popular movies were shot at London’s South Bank?

London’s South Bank has been the filming location for movies like Spectre and The Bourne Ultimatum.

What are some other notable filming locations?

Other notable filming locations include Astoria, Williamsburg, and Harlem in New York, UCLA and Coney Island in California, and Greenpoint and Hollywood Boulevard in New York. In London, Canary Wharf, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square are popular choices for filmmakers.

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