Bozeman Movie Theater: Showtimes & Tickets Available

Bozeman, Montana is a haven for movie lovers, with its vibrant movie theater scene offering a wide selection of films for residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for action, comedy, romance, or something completely different, Bozeman has a movie theater to suit your preferences.

With multiple theaters in the area, moviegoers can find convenient showtimes and purchase tickets to catch the latest releases. Bozeman movie theaters provide a comfortable and immersive cinematic experience, featuring state-of-the-art technology and amenities to enhance your enjoyment.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly options, special screenings, or a complete night out with dining and entertainment, Bozeman movie theaters have it all. So grab your popcorn and get ready for an unforgettable cinema experience in the beautiful city of Bozeman.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bozeman offers a wide variety of movie theaters featuring the latest films.
  • Showtimes and ticket options are available to suit everyone’s schedule and preferences.
  • Regal Gallatin Valley is a popular movie theater in Bozeman, offering a range of ticketing options.
  • Special offers and gift programs are sometimes available, adding extra perks to your movie experience.
  • Other movie theaters in nearby areas provide additional options for Bozeman moviegoers.

Regal Gallatin Valley Movie Showtimes & Tickets

The Regal Gallatin Valley movie theater is a popular destination for movie lovers in Bozeman. Located at 2825 W. Main Street, this theater offers a wide range of films and convenient ticketing options.

Moviegoers can choose from multiple ticketing options at Regal Gallatin Valley. Whether you prefer the convenience of mobile tickets, the traditional print-at-home option, or the ease of using self-service kiosks at the theater, there’s a ticketing method to suit your preference.

To find the showtimes of the latest movies playing at Regal Gallatin Valley, you can easily check their website or the theater’s mobile app. This allows you to plan your movie experience in advance and ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite films.

Ticketing Options:

  • Mobile tickets
  • Print-at-home tickets
  • Self-service kiosks at the theater

By offering these diverse ticketing options, Regal Gallatin Valley ensures that moviegoers have a seamless and convenient experience when purchasing tickets for their chosen films.

So whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling action movie, a heartwarming drama, or a hilarious comedy, Regal Gallatin Valley has you covered. Get your tickets now and immerse yourself in the magical world of cinema.

Features Regal Gallatin Valley
Location 2825 W. Main Street, Bozeman
Ticketing Options Mobile, print, and self-service kiosks
Convenience Easy access to showtimes and ticket purchases
Variety Wide range of films for all genres and preferences

Special Offers and Gift Programs

The Regal Gallatin Valley movie theater in Bozeman is dedicated to creating a memorable experience for moviegoers. One way they achieve this is by offering special promotions and gift programs. These exclusive deals and opportunities allow patrons to enjoy their favorite films while enjoying additional benefits.

With the occasional special promotion, movie enthusiasts in Bozeman can look forward to exciting giveaways and perks. For instance, there may be chances to win free tickets to highly anticipated movies. This can be an excellent opportunity to catch a new release without spending a dime.

Another advantage that the Regal Gallatin Valley theater provides is the opportunity to join various gift programs. These programs may offer additional benefits to loyal moviegoers, such as earning rewards or receiving exclusive offers for future screenings. By participating in these programs, patrons can maximize their entertainment experience and make the most out of their visits to the theater.

When planning your movie night in Bozeman, keep an eye out for the special promotions and consider joining the theater’s gift program. These offerings provide added value and enhance the enjoyment of watching movies on the big screen.

Other Movie Theaters in Bozeman and Nearby Areas

In addition to the Regal Gallatin Valley movie theater, there are other options for moviegoers in and around Bozeman. Cinemark Helena and XD, located in Helena, and AMC Classic Shiloh 14 and AMC Classic Billings 10, both located in Billings, are a few examples of theaters that are within driving distance of Bozeman. These theaters offer a range of amenities and show a variety of films, providing more options for movie enthusiasts in the area.

“Having multiple theaters nearby gives moviegoers in Bozeman the chance to explore different venues and experience a diverse range of films,” says Jennifer Davis, a local film enthusiast. “Whether it’s catching the latest blockbuster or enjoying an indie flick, these theaters cater to different tastes and preferences, making the moviegoing experience even more enjoyable.”

Theater Name Location Amenities
Cinemark Helena and XD Helena Stadium seating, concessions, IMAX screens
AMC Classic Shiloh 14 Billings Dine-in options, recliner seating, Dolby Cinema
AMC Classic Billings 10 Billings RealD 3D, concessions, wheelchair accessibility
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These theaters not only offer a variety of films but also provide a range of amenities to enhance the movie-watching experience. From stadium seating and IMAX screens to dine-in options and recliner seating, moviegoers can choose the theater that best suits their preferences. Additionally, each theater location offers its unique charm, allowing audiences to explore different areas while enjoying their favorite films.

Cinematic Experiences and Amenities

Bozeman movie theaters, including Regal Gallatin Valley, offer a comfortable and immersive cinematic experience. With state-of-the-art technology and amenities such as RealD 3D and IMAX screens, moviegoers can enjoy films in stunning clarity and surround sound. Additionally, these theaters often have facilities for special events or private screenings, enhancing the overall moviegoing experience.

Amenity Description
RealD 3D Experience movies in three-dimensional depth and realism.
IMAX Enjoy films on larger screens with enhanced visuals and sound quality.
Special Events Movie theaters often host special events, such as film festivals or themed screenings, catering to different interests and genres.
Private Screenings Some theaters offer facilities for private screenings, allowing groups or organizations to enjoy movies in a more exclusive setting.

Ticket Purchasing Options

Movie tickets for Bozeman theaters, including Regal Gallatin Valley, can be conveniently purchased through various channels. Whether it’s through the theater’s website, mobile apps, or at the self-service kiosks located at the theater, moviegoers have multiple options to secure their tickets. This allows for flexibility and ease of access when planning a trip to the movies.

When it comes to purchasing movie tickets in Bozeman, convenience is key. The Regal Gallatin Valley theater, like many others in the area, provides different avenues for moviegoers to obtain their tickets. Let’s take a closer look at the ticket purchasing options available:

Channel Details
Theater’s Website Movie tickets can be easily purchased through the theater’s official website. Simply visit the website, browse the movie listings and showtimes, select the desired film, choose the preferred seats, and complete the checkout process. Once the transaction is confirmed, moviegoers can either print their e-tickets at home or present the digital tickets on their smartphones at the theater.
Mobile Apps Many theaters, including Regal Gallatin Valley, offer dedicated mobile apps for convenient ticket purchases. These apps allow moviegoers to browse showtimes, select seats, and finalize their transactions directly from their smartphones. With just a few taps, tickets are secured and ready to be presented at the theater.
Self-Service Kiosks For those who prefer an in-person experience, self-service kiosks are available at the theater. Moviegoers can simply approach the kiosk, select the movie and showtime, choose their seats, and make the payment. The kiosk will then dispense their tickets, providing a quick and hassle-free ticketing process.

With these versatile ticket purchasing options, moviegoers in Bozeman can enjoy a seamless and convenient movie experience. Whether they prefer the online convenience of the theater’s website or mobile app, or the familiarity of in-person ticketing through self-service kiosks, there is a suitable method for everyone to secure their movie tickets.

New Releases and Upcoming Films

Bozeman movie theaters consistently feature a dynamic lineup of new releases and upcoming films. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating the latest Hollywood blockbuster or interested in exploring independent cinema, these theaters strive to provide a diverse selection of movies for audiences of all tastes and preferences.

To stay up-to-date with the current and upcoming releases, Bozeman moviegoers can check the theaters’ websites or consult local listings. By doing so, they can ensure they don’t miss out on the latest cinematic experiences hitting the big screen in Bozeman.

“Bozeman movie theaters are always on top of the latest releases, ensuring movie enthusiasts can enjoy a wide variety of films. Whether it’s the hottest new blockbuster or an upcoming indie gem, there’s something for everyone’s taste at Bozeman theaters.”

Cinematic Events and Special Screenings

Bozeman movie theaters go beyond regular movie screenings by hosting special events and screenings throughout the year. These events cater to various interests and genres, adding an extra element of excitement and community engagement to the movie theater experience. Whether it’s film festivals, throwback screenings, or themed events, there’s always something unique happening in Bozeman’s cinematic scene.

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Movie enthusiasts in Bozeman can look forward to participating in these special screenings and events, which offer a chance to delve deeper into their favorite films or explore new genres. These events not only provide an opportunity to enjoy movies on the big screen but also create a sense of belonging and shared enthusiasm among fellow moviegoers.

From showcasing classic films to highlighting emerging independent talents, these cinematic events contribute to the vibrant cultural fabric of Bozeman. They foster creativity, spark discussions, and connect the local community through the collective experience of cinema.

Attending a special screening or event is a fantastic way to enhance your movie theater outing and discover hidden gems that may not be part of the regular movie schedule. Keep an eye on the Bozeman cinema scene to stay updated on upcoming events and screenings that align with your cinematic preferences.

Nearby Dining and Entertainment Options

When it comes to enjoying a night out at the Bozeman movie theater, there are plenty of nearby dining and entertainment options to enhance your experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite before the show or a place to unwind and discuss the movie afterwards, Bozeman offers a diverse range of choices for moviegoers.

For those seeking a sit-down meal before catching a flick, Bozeman’s restaurants and cafes cater to all tastes and cuisines. From trendy eateries to casual diners, there’s something for everyone. Grab a delicious burger, enjoy a hearty steak, or indulge in gourmet pizza as you fuel up for an evening at the movies.

If you prefer something lighter or a quick bite on the go, the city’s cafes and delis offer a variety of options. From artisanal sandwiches to freshly brewed coffee, you can find the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings before settling into your seat at the Bozeman cinema.

After the movie, you may want to continue the entertainment with a visit to one of Bozeman’s vibrant bars or nightclubs. Dance the night away to live music, socialize with friends over craft cocktails, or relax with a locally brewed beer. Bozeman’s nightlife scene has something for everyone, ensuring a memorable evening even after the credits roll.

In addition to dining and nightlife options, Bozeman offers a range of other entertainment venues for moviegoers. Catch a live performance at one of the city’s theaters, attend a sporting event, or explore local art galleries. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene that Bozeman has to offer, creating a complete and fulfilling night out.

In conjunction with your visit to the Bozeman movie theater, dining at one of the city’s many restaurants or exploring its diverse entertainment options can make for an unforgettable evening. Extend your cinematic experience by indulging in delicious food, immersing yourself in the local nightlife, or enjoying other forms of entertainment. Bozeman ensures that your night out goes beyond the silver screen, providing a truly well-rounded experience for all movie lovers.

Ticket Deals and Rewards Programs

Movie theaters in Bozeman understand the value of their loyal customers and offer ticket deals and rewards programs to enhance the moviegoing experience. These programs provide exciting incentives such as discounts, free tickets, and exclusive perks, making each visit to the theater even more enjoyable.

By taking advantage of these ticket deals and rewards programs, movie enthusiasts in Bozeman can save money while indulging in their favorite films. Whether it’s discounted tickets on specific days or special promotions for members, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a cinematic experience at a great value.

Additionally, rewards programs allow moviegoers to accumulate points or earn rewards for every ticket purchase or concession transaction. These rewards can be redeemed for future movie tickets, concessions, or even movie-related merchandise, adding an extra layer of excitement to each visit.

Imagine earning free tickets or discounts on your favorite movies just by enjoying the films you love. With ticket deals and rewards programs offered by Bozeman movie theaters, that dream can become a reality.

Whether you’re a frequent moviegoer or just enjoy a night out at the movies every now and then, these ticket deals and rewards programs offer an enticing opportunity to enhance your cinematic experience. Make sure to check with your local theater for the latest promotions and sign up for any membership or rewards programs available.

With these ticket deals and rewards programs, movie enthusiasts in Bozeman can make the most of their theater visits while enjoying the latest blockbusters or independent films. Take advantage of these offers and get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of the big screen.

Family-Friendly Options and Amenities

Bozeman movie theaters take pride in offering a wide range of family-friendly options and amenities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a memorable moviegoing experience. These theaters understand the importance of creating a welcoming environment for families and have implemented various features to cater to their needs.

One of the ways Bozeman theaters cater to families is by hosting special screenings specifically tailored for children. These screenings feature age-appropriate movies that the whole family can enjoy together in a comfortable and inclusive setting. With kid-friendly movies on the big screen, children can immerse themselves in captivating stories and create lasting memories.

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In addition to special screenings, Bozeman movie theaters also provide amenities to enhance the experience for all moviegoers, including those with hearing impairments. Closed captions and listening devices are available to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the film, regardless of their hearing abilities. These accommodations promote inclusivity and make sure that no one is left out of the magic of the cinema.

By prioritizing family-friendly options and amenities, Bozeman movie theaters offer a safe and enjoyable space for families to bond and share the excitement of watching a film together. Whether it’s a new release or a classic favorite, these theaters provide an environment where families can relax, have fun, and create cherished memories.

Family-Friendly Options and Amenities Description
Special Screenings for Children Bozeman theaters offer designated screenings with age-appropriate movies, providing a fun experience for the whole family.
Closed Captions Movie theaters provide closed captions for those with hearing impairments, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the film.
Listening Devices Listening devices are available to enhance the audio experience for moviegoers with hearing impairments.


Bozeman boasts a thriving movie theater scene, catering to both locals and visitors seeking an unforgettable cinematic experience. From the Regal Gallatin Valley theater to nearby theaters in Helena and Billings, there is no shortage of options for movie enthusiasts in the area. Bozeman movie theaters offer a diverse range of films, state-of-the-art amenities, and convenient ticketing options.

With a multitude of new releases and special events, moviegoers can stay up to date with the latest offerings through the theaters’ websites and local listings. Families will also appreciate the family-friendly options and amenities available, ensuring a fun and inclusive outing for all.

Whether it’s immersing oneself in the stunning clarity of RealD 3D or enjoying the grandeur of IMAX screens, Bozeman movie theaters provide an unrivaled cinematic experience. The comfort and convenience of purchasing tickets through the theater’s website, mobile apps, or self-service kiosks offer moviegoers flexibility and ease in planning their movie outings.

Secure your tickets now and prepare for a premier cinematic experience in Bozeman. With a wide array of films, special promotions, and a welcoming atmosphere, Bozeman movie theaters are the go-to destination for movie lovers in the area.


Are there any movie theaters in Bozeman?

Yes, there are several movie theaters in Bozeman where residents and visitors can enjoy the latest films.

Where is the Regal Gallatin Valley movie theater located?

The Regal Gallatin Valley movie theater is located at 2825 W. Main Street in Bozeman.

How can I check the showtimes and purchase tickets for movies at the Regal Gallatin Valley theater?

You can check the current showtimes and purchase tickets for movies at the Regal Gallatin Valley theater through their website, mobile apps, or the self-service kiosks located at the theater.

Does the Regal Gallatin Valley theater offer any special promotions or gift programs?

Yes, the Regal Gallatin Valley theater occasionally offers special promotions and gift programs, such as opportunities to win free tickets or receive additional perks when purchasing tickets for specific movies.

Are there other movie theaters near Bozeman?

Yes, there are other movie theaters in nearby areas such as Helena and Billings.

What amenities are available at the Bozeman movie theaters?

Bozeman movie theaters offer amenities such as RealD 3D and IMAX screens, providing a comfortable and immersive cinematic experience.

How can I purchase tickets for movies in Bozeman theaters?

You can conveniently purchase movie tickets for Bozeman theaters, including the Regal Gallatin Valley theater, through various channels such as the theater’s website, mobile apps, or at the self-service kiosks located at the theater.

What movies are currently playing in Bozeman theaters?

Bozeman theaters regularly showcase new releases and upcoming films. You can stay updated on the current and upcoming releases through the theaters’ websites or by checking local listings.

Do Bozeman movie theaters host special events and screenings?

Yes, Bozeman movie theaters often host special events and screenings, catering to various interests and genres, such as film festivals or themed screenings.

Are there any dining and entertainment options near Bozeman movie theaters?

Yes, there are plenty of dining and entertainment options available near Bozeman movie theaters, allowing moviegoers to indulge in a complete night out.

Are there any ticket deals or rewards programs available for Bozeman movie theaters?

Yes, Bozeman movie theaters may have ticket deals and rewards programs for frequent moviegoers, offering discounts, free tickets, or other incentives.

Do Bozeman movie theaters offer family-friendly options and amenities?

Yes, Bozeman movie theaters strive to provide family-friendly options and amenities, such as special screenings for children or closed captions for those with hearing impairments.

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